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Daily Mail: EJB Events ‘An evening with Sylvester Stallone’

Who’d pay £2,000 for a 20-minute chinwag with Rambo? Answer: an awful lot of starstruck Brits! P: Ten, nine, eight, seven…The lad from Sheffield is having his few seconds of fame. He’s been shown the drill: walk forward, present jaw for clenched fist and smile into camera. Boosh! One blinding flash and it is over. […]

Karen Law – Britain’s first blind show jumper

Karen Law was born with bilateral colloboma which means that her eyes never developed properly. At the age of three she had an accident which caused a retinal detachment leaving her without vision in her right eye. Having no peripheral vision, only central vision extending a few feet in front of her, Karen is only […]

Die Welt News Article – April 2015

3700 Euro for 75 minutes with Al Pacino Many prominent people have their fans pay a lot of money if they want to meet them close up. Event agencies organize these exclusive “meet & greets”. But often clients get disappointed. This is something for real fans: For the equivalent of €33,700 you can book a […]

Emma honoured for excellence

Dame Emma-Jane Brown, Director of EJB Events Ltd, was recently named a VIP member of Worldwide Branding. This special distinction honours individuals who have shown exceptional commitment to achieving personal and professional success. Ms. Brown has five years of experience as the founding director of EJB Events Ltd which provides personal concierge services to high-profile […]

Emma interviewed on Soho Radio

Dame Emma-Jane Brown was interviewed on Soho radio this week on Wednesday 24 June 2015. You can listen to her interview below, where she talks about her early career in Equestrian, how that came to an abrupt end, her charity work, and of course EJB Events celebrity friends. Jump to 1h 17m for the beginning […]