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Exclusive Events

Once in a lifetime events that will stay with you forever

On any given day an unlimited number of events happen in the world. But none feel more bespoke, exclusive or memorable than these brilliantly organised evenings, and brilliantly conceived experiences, with truly brilliant people.

Here’s your opportunity for an incredible experience. One that’s very very personal, and very very memorable.

Unfortunately, there are no Exclusive Events that we are ready to reveal quite yet.

But, don’t worry. This will change in the blink of an eye, so be sure to check back soon. Or, even better, we can let you know. Why not join our exclusive Privilege Club?

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At EJB Events, we place our member’s lives at the heart of everything we do, so we always connect you with our team of lifestyle managers are on hand to share their expertise to organise everything from the commonplace to the amazing. Their intimate knowledge has built a world-class concierge service which not only gives members a unique entry into the most exquisite events, but takes care of all the little details which makes the spectacular even more unforgettable.

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