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Concorde at the Runway Visitor Park

The Runway Visitor Park

Enjoy a great day out for all ages. Take a front row seat to watch the planes take-off, enjoy a restaurant with a view like no other, take home a souvenir and round the day off with a guided tour of BA’s flagship Concorde.


British Airways received government approval for the production of the G-BOAC in December 1969. Concorde G-BOAC (affectionately known as ‘Alpha Charlie’) became the second aircraft to join the Concorde fleet when she was delivered to British Airways on 13 February 1976. Although the second Concorde to be delivered, she is considered to be the flagship of the fleet, carrying the registration plate BOAC – which were the initials of British Airways’ at the time – British Overseas Airways Corporation.

The Facts
– Concorde was the world’s first supersonic airliner – designed as a joint project between Britain and France
– Concorde 001 made her maiden flight on 2 March 1969
– Concorde entered commercial service on 21 January 1976
>British Airways flew London to Bahrain with Concorde G-BOAA
>Air France flew Paris to Rio (via Dakar) with Concorde F-BVFA
– During flight Concorde could stretch between 15 and 25 centimetres due to heating of the airframe. She is painted in a specially developed white paint to accommodate these changes and to counter the heat generated by supersonic flight
– Concorde’s top cruising height was 60,000 ft – that’s more than 11 miles above the surface of the Earth
– Concorde could accelerate from 0-225 mph in 30 seconds and could travel faster than speed the earth rotates
– More than 2.5 million people travelled on Concorde
– The first transatlantic flight to New York was on 22 November 1977

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