Dame Emma-Jane Brown presents

Bespoke personal concierge services

Dame Emma-Jane’s very personal touch makes all the difference to you the client. To get every detail perfect, she’s teamed up with a creative, trustworthy and tenacious team who thrive on the satisfaction of a job well done. We aim to make the impossible possible! Our 24/7 365 service can be totally tailored to your requirements — we’re available around the clock.

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Exclusive Events

Gain access to the most exclusive VIP and celebrity events. Not routine, not regular, not repeated, these events are one time only experiences — for the lucky few.

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Package Events

A selection of irresistible days, evenings or nights out – each of which gives you access to a world which, to most, is completely unavailable.

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Annual Events

The most exciting, must-attend-events in the national calendar with a twist – your experience comes centre stage.

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